Social Media and other Web 2.0 jazz…

I’m currently in the process of researching various types of Social Media and Networks for my MA research. I hope to build on some of the work I have written up recently in relation to New Literacy Studies and @ClassroomTweets. It’s apparent from my classroom experience and reading that the simplicity of creating and updating content with Web 2.0 systems empowers readers to write – @ClassroomTweets has really made me realise this. But what the

On the move…

I’m currently trying to get up to date with Web 2.0, especially on the move. I now have push email enabled on my new HTC Hero smartphone phone as well as Facebook and Twitter notifications. So I am constantly connected to the world. In fact, I’ve written and published this from my smartphone. I find it fascinating what they can do nowadays.

‘I miss the ocean…’

“I never thought fish swimming in a glass bowl could be so emotional” The title of this post and the above quote come from the video sharing website YouTube in response to the high definition video above that appeared on the site and has become ‘viral’ over the past week. My guess is that the video has become so popular because it really demonstrates the potential of HD broadcasting. Today BSkyB announced that subscribers to

Multiliteracies from MultiMartin

I have finally got around to uploading the paper I presented at the UKLA Conference earlier in the month. It was presented as part of a symposium about integrating digital worlds in the classroom with Lynda Graham, Angela Colvert and Jackie Marsh. The paper explores some of the work that Orange Class has completed over the past year in relation to film making, animation as a critical practice and the use of Twitter as a

Wiki Whirlpool

whirlpool, originally uploaded by Lake Li Sun. I’ve just lost an hour of my life. Why? Because I went to check something quickly on wikipedia (I can’t even remember what it was). After reading the initial article (not in the traditional manner of course) I clicked on a link within the article, which linked me to another article, and then another and another (you get the idea). I ended up reading stuff that had no

Learning to Tweet or Tweeting to Learn?

After initially being sceptical I have now been bitten by the Twitter bug and hence my lack of blog posts recently. I think part of the reason is Twitter is easier than blogging. You provide a short snapshot of what you are doing and click update – that’s it. It’s interesting to view your timeline after a week just to see what you have (or have not) achieved.  Another huge dimension of Twitter is the community

Rise of the new literacy practices…

One of my favourite television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has finished its current run in America. The general word on the internet is that the show won’t be renewed and the current season was the last. I find the reaction by fans on the internet to this news to be very interesting. Obviously there are various postings on forums providing a voice for the renewal of the series. Online petitions and Facebook groups are

Fighting the Web 2.0 battle…

I have been enjoying the new series of The Apprentice on BBC1, which has at its core the need to be proficient with communication, language and literacy. If you cannot communicate effectively, for a range of purposes and audiences, you quite simply fail. Above is a picture of Margaret Mountford, one of the senior advisors, who is dismayed at her team’s lack of ability to articulate a simple sales pitch. Margaret portrays exactly how I feel after a week

Joomla Juggling

I’m still working on developing four websites using the Joomla content management system and things are starting to get complicated.  The UKLA Learning Today website needs to be finished, packaged up and moved to a different server. The MLI website needs updating with more guidance and information about research and I must remember to keep blogging after the Easter holidays. The most complex problem I am having is with the school website and the Web 2.0

Joomla Cool!

Over the past few months I have been playing with the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) when developing websites. This site, for example, is built using Joomla as is the UKLA Learning Today website I am currently developing. I have just finished the designs for our school website using Joomla and I am constantly thinking of new ways that we can use this system to integrate Web 2.0 practices into the curriculum. Virtual Learning Environments