UKLA Conference – Twitter Workshop

I’m currently at the University of Chester taking part in the UKLA International Conference. Today I ran a session about social media and in particular the ways in which Twitter can be used as a professional development network but also as a way on engaging children in real writing. The workshop draws on work I have already published in English 4-11 and also an upcoming book chapter which will be published in September.   Learning

Using Twitter in the Primary Classroom

My article about the use of Twitter in Orange Class (@ClassroomTweets) was recently published in English 4-11. I have changed some of the ways in which we use Twitter even within the short time between writing and publication of the article. I plan on writing another more up-to-date reflection on how we have been using Twitter soon but in the meantime hopefully this will provide you with the context in which our work is based.

Learning to Tweet or Tweeting to Learn?

After initially being sceptical I have now been bitten by the Twitter bug and hence my lack of blog posts recently. I think part of the reason is Twitter is easier than blogging. You provide a short snapshot of what you are doing and click update – that’s it. It’s interesting to view your timeline after a week just to see what you have (or have not) achieved.  Another huge dimension of Twitter is the community