Time for another Changing Horizon…

I have spent today completely re-designing this website. When I say re-designing I actually mean finding a decent template and then modifying it. It is something I have been meaning to do for a long time as I had become unhappy with the dark theme that I had installed previously. Most of the blogs that I enjoy reading have ‘light’ colour schemes and I decided that it was time my blog was themed in a

Pirates, Robots and Ideological Literacy

The slightly confusing title to this post sums up my slightly confused state regarding this blog. I have so many different things rushing around in my head at the moment that I sometimes forget to blog or simply cannot pick what to focus in on – life, literacy, work or just general observations of the world around me? For example today I have been thinking of the upcoming Pirate/Seven Seas themed week we are having

New horizons await…

It’s the last week of the summer holidays! I currently feel like the only teacher in the world who is looking forward to returning to work.  I’m very excited about what the new academic year will bring. Not only am I looking forward to working with Orange Class on the new Ratatouille and Cliff by the Sea projects (more info soon) but I’m also really excited about starting the new MA in New Literacies at

The parting of the ways

Today was the last day of day of term… I don’t know how I feel. Everybody around me seems to be celebrating the end of the school year and the start of summer. I can’t. I have had the most incredible year with my class, we have done so much, achieved so much and made so much progress. We’ve made films, learned about Japanese animations, made ‘qakamoly’ and shared our learning with people around the world

The Busy Week

Those who have been working with me know that this has been the exceptionally busy week that I have been talking about for months now. With the normal end of term rush to finish everything I have also attended the launch of the fantastic Centre for the Study of New Literacies. I heard some brilliant keynote speakers there – Anne Haas Dyson, Julia Davies, Kate Pahl and Angela Thomas. Last night I spoke in front of