Dipping my toes into the photostream..

After blogging about my silent use of Flickr a few weeks ago, and with a bit of encouragement from Emma and Julia, I have finally started to participate in the photo-sharing community. I don’t class myself as a good photographer but have been proud of a few of the shots I have managed to get looking half decent. I must try and dig out the good camera I bought a few years ago (I have

Flickr Feelings

Panther beach fireworks , originally uploaded by¬†snakebite2. While I was at the UKLA Conference I went to listen to a symposium led by Julia Davies about the photo sharing community Flickr. It was fascinating to listen to Julia, Sigrid and David Barton talk about the different ways that people engage with the website. The gaming and play aspect is something that I’d never considered before, which led me to think about my own engagement with