Badges for Learning

Badges for Learning

A couple of months ago I wrote about introducing Badges for Learning onto my class blog to link specifically to my classroom management system both in the online and offline world. I had initially encountered badges from the likes of Foursquare and GetGlue where ‘checking in’ to locations and films allowed me to earn badges/stickers. Foursquare badges and GetGlue stickers initially sowed the seed of how digital rewards may be used in my classroom. It wasn’t until

Blogging and the Imagined Audience

Blogging and the Imagined Audience

I’ve had a great time engaging in blogging for audience and purpose with my class over the past term and a half. Not least, our communication with NASA Educator Astronaut Barbara Morgan last month. Blogging has proven itself to really bring the world into my classroom and allow the children to engage in meaningful dialogue with an audience that is not necessarily anonymous. Julia Davies (2006: 60) wrote that blogging allows users to share their voice with

My blog in 2012 – A refocus…

I seem to be neglecting this space again. I’m not sure if it is because I have so many online spaces which I need to curate in different sections of my life – work, research and personal. It could be that I have too many spaces, it could be that I simply needed some time away from writing after finishing my MA or it could be that I simply felt I couldn’t cope with the

Time for another Changing Horizon…

I have spent today completely re-designing this website. When I say re-designing I actually mean finding a decent template and then modifying it. It is something I have been meaning to do for a long time as I had become unhappy with the dark theme that I had installed previously. Most of the blogs that I enjoy reading have ‘light’ colour schemes and I decided that it was time my blog was themed in a

Fragments of time…

Now that I’m using Google’s operating system on my mobile phone I’ve decided to move all of my mail/contacts/calendars over to Google so that I can keep track of them on the move. While I’ve been dusting off the cobwebs of my old Google account I found a blog I set up in 2006 with one post about being at university. It’s a very surreal experience reading it back: Ok so I’ve finally given into

Changing formats…

I’m really pleased with how this blog has turned out and I definitely think that moving it away from the main MLI site gives it a unique identity and more scope so that I don’t always have to talk about literacy theory. I also think it looks more like a blog now! I have taken the opportunity over the past few days to relax and catch a breath. I wrote previously about watching a few