Finding a cliff by the sea

Thank you to everybody who sent really great feedback about the Brer Rabbit critical literacy project I really appreciate it. I’ve also heard that it was being talked about at the Decatur Book Festival after The Wren’s Nest (the birth place museum of Joel Chandler Harris in the USA) picked up on the project. All of this really helps raise the awareness of critical literacy with real-world texts. As soon as the Brer Rabbit project

The one that started it all…

I’ve just noticed that Walt Disney’s Snow White is being re-released on DVD and Blu-Ray in November. I like to use this film in class when analysing multimodal texts. Some of the scenes are exceptionally powerful (and quite terrifying), in particular the transformation of the Evil Queen into the old peddler woman. It’s actually become very hard to get hold of on DVD as it was only released in 2001 for a limited time. The

Creating Space for Critical Literacy

A few months ago I wrote about using texts of popular culture as a means of exploring issues of racial prejudice within a critical literacy framework. I then said I would reveal more about a project I was planning based around the issue. With a hectic workload and conferences to attend, I completely forgot… so now that the project is actually over I am able to give more detailed account.

Studio Ghibli does it again… Ponyo

I have a lot to write about but haven’t really been able to find the time recently. However, I have just discovered the trailer for the English release of Japanese Studio Ghibli’s latest film ‘Ponyo: Cliff by the Sea’ and just had to post it. Ever since using ‘My Neighbour Totoro’ with my Year 2 class I have never looked at animation in the same way. It looks like Ponyo will be equally impressive and