Welcome to the Jungle

I’d like to share a project which I led as part of my role as Creative Learning Coordinator at my school. This role was initially focused on coordinating Creative Partnerships where we created the Growing Greener creative learning programme. One of the first things that we did was turn our unused courtyard into an outdoor classroom. This was achieved by working with a range of ‘creative partners’ to design the new space. We used the


New horizons, back to blogging and clutter… You may have noticed that my blogging and social media activity has been sporadic, at best, over the past year. This is because, after submitting my MA thesis, I decided that I wanted to spend a year focusing entirely on teaching and learning with my Year 2 class. I have also learnt the value of downtime and the need to reduce clutter both – physical and metaphorical. It

Bringing in Popular Culture: Thematic Contexts in KS1

By glancing at some of my previous blog posts I think it is hard to glean the fact that I am actually an Early Years/KS1 educator who has been teaching Year 2 for nearly five years. A lot of my blog posts have reflected theory and practice in terms of ‘education’ and not ‘classroom.’ My last blog post suggested I was going to change this and aim to have a mix of theory, practice and

My blog in 2012 – A refocus…

I seem to be neglecting this space again. I’m not sure if it is because I have so many online spaces which I need to curate in different sections of my life – work, research and personal. It could be that I have too many spaces, it could be that I simply needed some time away from writing after finishing my MA or it could be that I simply felt I couldn’t cope with the

MA in New Literacies – Completion

As many of you will know, over the past two years I have been completing an MA in New Literacy Studies at the University of Sheffield. As I reflected earlier in the year this has been both challenging and enjoyable. I have Julia Davies, the most spectacular tutor, to thank for her support and encouragement over the past two years, without her words of wisdom the course would have been so much harder. I also need to thank my

#UTASNewLits – Why I travelled to Australia

In June I received an unexpected email from Angela Thomas, who I have met in 2009 at the UKLA Conference in Greenwich, inviting me to be a keynote speaker at a the New Literacies, Digital Media and Classroom Teaching conference (#UTASNewLits) at the University of Tasmania on 3rd September. Obviously I jumped at the opportunity and was able to travel to Australia a week early, having completed my MA thesis two weeks before the deadline. This meant

The Australian Way

I recently returned from a trip to Australia to speak at the New Literacies, Digital Media and Classroom Teaching Conference. As part of the trip I was able to spend a week in Melbourne, one of the most inspirational places I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. After a very hectic couple of months I decided to travel over to Australia early and set aside some serious downtime where I could reflect on the

Skyping with The Wren’s Nest

Nearly two years ago I wrote a blog post about a project I planned and taught which promoted a critical view of literacy through storytelling based on the Brer Rabbit stories. I subsequently adapted to project to embed work with The Wren’s Nest Museum in Atlanta, the birthplace museum of Joel Chandler Harris who collected the stories. This included using Skype to link up with a story rambler as well as meeting the relatives of Joel Chandler