I have a great deal of respect for Simon Finch (also known as @simfin on Twitter). He speaks very wisely about teachers and children using social media – backed up with evidence and sound advice. It’s no wonder he has been short-listed for a Naace Impact Award.

I was honoured to find that Simon had included some of my work in his BETT presentation about social media in education. Initially the @ClassroomTweets (Using Twitter in the Primary Classroom) project and then our recent work linked to Barbara Morgan and NASA. Some of the highlights I picked out:

“In the olden days we would celebrate that [sharing writing] by putting it on the wall. When the internet came it went on the school website or the school newsletter and you would publish it there for the parents to see and the wider community to see. By using social media that audience becomes, not just a local, regional, but a national and international but also you’re able to leave comments and receive feedback.”

“Back in the day, we used to have to lie to kids that we had a letter from NASA; here we have real ones to bring space and NASA into the classroom, is absolutely fantastic.”

“Social media are a fantastic opportunity and we need to embrace that opportunity and get the rest of the world to understand that there can be valid activity when a teacher uses Twitter or a blog – it’s not a waste of time. But within that we need to post like our enemies are watching – who is managing your identity? If you’re not managing your identity then, collectively, other people are. And then the final message is… nothing is private.”

More about Simon here and you can follow him on Twitter here.