I seem to be neglecting this space again. I’m not sure if it is because I have so many online spaces which I need to curate in different sections of my life – work, research and personal. It could be that I have too many spaces, it could be that I simply needed some time away from writing after finishing my MA or it could be that I simply felt I couldn’t cope with the pressure of making this primarily a research blog. It could have been all of these factors and more of course.

I seem to have led this blog down a very defined route of focusing on literacy theory, research and sometimes practice. I feel that the practice element took a bit of a back seat over the two years, primarily due to the fact that I was focused so much on MA assignment writing and my dissertation. As such I feel a refocus is needed.

I have had a bizarre start to the new year with various things happening and a series of projects lingering on and eventually coming to an end this month. I feel that my ‘new year’ is actually going to start in February and March.

After focusing on research over the past year I have decided that 2012 is going to be the year of practice and pedagogy. I am finally going to get around to writing up some of the projects that I share at conferences and in writing. This is long overdue as some of the projects happened over two years ago but still remain relevant. I’m also going to share instances of practice from my classroom and hopefully add to the dialogue about both the relevance and purpose of education. The emphasis will not be on shiny new tools but instigating deep changes in the way we approach learning with a strong focus on creative learning (and of course creative teaching).

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