As many of you will know, over the past two years I have been completing an MA in New Literacy Studies at the University of Sheffield. As I reflected earlier in the year this has been both challenging and enjoyable. I have Julia Davies, the most spectacular tutor, to thank for her support and encouragement over the past two years, without her words of wisdom the course would have been so much harder. I also need to thank my family for their support during the hectic times.

I have known the provisional mark for my dissertation for a couple of weeks but as usual I decided to keep it to myself until it was confirmed. Today I recieved the final marks for all of my modules and the news that I have passed:

Module 1: Introduction to New Literacies – Grade 80%
Module 2: Practice-Based Enquiry – Grade 80%
Module 3: Media, Culture and Digital Texts – Grade 75%
Module 4: Research Methods in Education – Grade 70%
Modules 5/6: Dissertation – Grade 80%

I’m obviously thrilled with the results but I do not think it will sink in for a few months. I have been taking exams/writing assignments every year since I was in Year 9 so it’s a very surreal experience to not be in formal education anymore and to lose my student status. I do however have a couple of writing projects simmering at the moment, including writing up the data from my dissertation for a book chapter so I will keep you posted.

Finally, a huge thanks to every single person who has offered me words of encouragement and support during such hectic and stressful times – particularly members of my Twitter PLN and also Facebook.

Thank you!