This is a sad and difficult post for me to write as I have decided to suspend my blog and some of my other online activities until September. This is mainly due to the fact that I have a large amount of projects going on at the moment including authoring another book chapter, writing my MA dissertation, speaking at conferences and coordinating creative learning across my school on top of my full-time teaching responsibilities. Although in the past I have been very effective at multi-tasking and organising my work I am at the point where any additional time I find needs to be focused on downtime as opposed to other academic activities such as blogging.

I fully intend to return to this blog in September 2011 when I have completed my MA dissertation and finished the other projects that I am working on. In the meantime I would like to say thank you to everybody who has made the time to visit this blog and comment on the posts I have written. I hope you have found what I have written useful.

I will continue to post items on my Posterous and Photoblog as well as as my informal ‘Good life‘ blog. I also intend to continue to use my Twitter account (@MultiMartin) to communicate and keep in touch with what everybody is doing. You can keep in touch with what my class is doing too on our class blog.

Thanks again and I’ll be back in September!