I’m slightly late blogging about 2010 as it’s now 2011. So, a very Happy New Year to you all. As I look back on 2010 and look to 2011, I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on some of things that have happened in 2010 and then look to the future for 2011.

wide sky sunset

Some of the highlights of 2010 were:

  • Managing to juggle being a classroom teacher with studying for an MA in New Literacy Studies
  • Becoming a published writer and getting excellent feedback about my first article
  • Sharing my findings at so many different places – the ESRC Seminar Series and Northern Grid conference to name two
  • Attending the Google Teacher Academy in London
  • Planning and working with my class on lots of exciting projects including a collaborative project with The Wren’s Nest Museum in Atlanta (USA) and the ‘Seven Seas Project’ where we found a buried treasure chest in the school grounds
  • Becoming Creative Learning Coordinator and developing new and innovative practices across the school
  • Pretty much single-handily organising the Growing Greener Futures Conference (and getting great feedback)
  • Meeting so many of the marvellous people I  know via Twitter
  • A very nice letter from two parents to my headteacher and governors about my teaching and classroom ethos
  • Continuing to develop the use of Twitter in the Primary Classroom as a means of developing confidence, motivation and independence with writing via @ClassroomTweets
  • Being mentioned in The Times by Caitlin Moran for our work on Twitter
  • Being awarded a prize from Sky and Global Action Plan for our work based around Growing Greener
  • Beginning to taking a more relaxed approach to productivity
  • Starting the process of buying my first house
  • I actually started to attempt to understand photography and contributing to my Flickr stream

It’s not until you make a list like this that you feel you have actually achieved something. At times I have found 2010 challenging and intense, particularly when writing assignments and trying to plan projects (while trying to maintain a work/life balance).  I am going to try and make 2011 the best yet, while still remaining relatively relaxed. These are some of the things I plan on achieving in 2011:

  • Renovating my new house, when the sale actually completes (!)
  • Taking a more holistic view of life, productivity, organisation and general happiness – this includes learning more about nature and leading a more frugal and thrifty lifestyle [a personal interest of mine]
  • I plan on creating some really exciting projects for my class to be involved in – what this space!
  • I have committed to writing chapters in two books: ‘The Student Voice Handbook: Bridging the Academic/Practitioner Divide” and “Virtual literacies: interactive spaces for children and young people”
  • I plan on significantly extending the creative learning provisions across my school through work with a range of external parters through Creative Partnerships. These include publishing projects, mobile blogging with iPads, gardening and enterprise
  • This year I will be writing my second dissertation – I have a really interesting idea which I’m going to talk with Julia (my amazing tutor) soon. I will blog about it when the idea has fully formed!
  • I have already committed to speaking at the UKLA and Northern Grid Conferences in the summer. I have really enjoyed both these conferences in the past and will be speaking at a couple of, as yet unconfirmed, conferences
  • I will be lecturing at Birmingham City University in January about digital and new literacies
  • I plan to enjoy 2011 and make it the best year yet

I hope that all of these things are achievement and I  hope you all have a fantastic 2011!

Oh and I have to include my visit to Disneyland as one of my highlights of 2010. Here are a couple of the photos I took with my new Mini-SLR camera:

Mainstreet USA by Night

Disney's Fantillusion Parade

And thinking ahead… my plan for 2012 is to visit Disneyland in California!

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