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I recently discovered The Land of Me by the fantastic company Made in Me. It is quite simply one of the most charming pieces of educational software I have ever come across.

The software is based around the idea of promoting children’s imagination and creativity. Hence the focus on ‘me’ and it being an epic journey through your imagination. The Land of Me literally comes to life before your eyes with characters such as Eric the Racoon, Buddy Boo the Bear and Willow the Owl. The animation (see above video) and attention to detail is outstanding from the lavish interactive map to the tiny ants that carry leaves through Bramble Wood and the Scottish accents of the Otters.
You can download the first chapter of the Land of Me for free here. The CD is currently £29.95 and a School Site License is only £153.15 (Excluding VAT). It is definitely worth a closer look.
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