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The slightly confusing title to this post sums up my slightly confused state regarding this blog. I have so many different things rushing around in my head at the moment that I sometimes forget to blog or simply cannot pick what to focus in on – life, literacy, work or just general observations of the world around me? For example today I have been thinking of the upcoming Pirate/Seven Seas themed week we are having at school, where I am really hoping to plan some ‘out of the ordinary’ stuff to really inspire my class. I’ve also discovered a really interesting way in which fans of one of my favourite TV shows Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles have utilised Web 2.0 technologies to try to revive the cancelled show. On top of that I am in the process of finishing off my first written assignment for the MA in New Literacies I am completing at the University of Sheffield and have lots of conflicting ideas about ideological literacy, of which I could post a series of blog posts about. So many different things – all linked to different areas of life…

Where do I start?

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