So it’s that time of year again… October?! Already I have seen Christmas advertisements appearing in shops and on television. My local supermarket has had Christmas chocolates in-store for the past few weeks too – the season seems to begin earlier every year. Don’t get me wrong –  I’m a huge fan of the festive season and look forward to it. My friends and I always maintain that Christmas doesn’t start until we have seen the Coca Cola Christmas advert on television – we then know that the holidays certainly are a’coming.

What’s interesting is how the Coca Cola advertisement has become embodied in our Christmas season. Indeed, I remember one year the advertisement was changed and our reaction was certainly not one of joy to the world. The multimodal approach taken to advertising over the festive season is certainly an interesting one. Some companies can pull out all the stops and really create a highly charged and emotional piece of advertising by manipulating modes to persuade and evoke an emotional response. There have been some real gems over the years including the Argos Christmas Wish commercial, with particularly effective use of the visual and audio modes. It’s just a shame that the same company changed their strategy and produced this the year after.

So despite what certain advertisers and supermarkets think Christmas certainly isn’t here yet – not until Coca Cola decides to air their commercial.

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