Now that I’m using Google’s operating system on my mobile phone I’ve decided to move all of my mail/contacts/calendars over to Google so that I can keep track of them on the move. While I’ve been dusting off the cobwebs of my old Google account I found a blog I set up in 2006 with one post about being at university. It’s a very surreal experience reading it back:

Ok so I’ve finally given into temptation and joined the world of blogging.

Sadly, I haven’t actually got much to ‘blog’ about at the moment. University ‘vacations’ are not that great… how it can be called a ‘vacation’ I don’t understand, considering the amout of work they actually give us to do. Dissertation research continues, some of the stuff I have to read is actually quite interesting but the sheer volume of literature I have to read makes the whole thing scary. I really miss school and the fact that I don’t have a proper teaching practice until next May doesn’t make things any better.

I do actually miss University… I want to get back into the swing of things. I want to actually start the 3rd year – the end of studying is near and hopefully this time next year I’ll be starting a teaching post somewhere… now that is scary. Doesn’t seem like yesterday that I was starting QE Sixth Form to do my A-Levels.

Obviously I got a teaching post and my huge interest in reading stuff about multiliteracies clearly started at this point  and led to me returning to study for an MA this year. But isn’t it strange how things change – my writing style, priorities and general outlook on life. I wonder what this blog will look like in three years time?

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