Illuminated castle with magic lights

After blogging about my silent use of Flickr a few weeks ago, and with a bit of encouragement from Emma and Julia, I have finally started to participate in the photo-sharing community. I don’t class myself as a good photographer but have been proud of a few of the shots I have managed to get looking half decent. I must try and dig out the good camera I bought a few years ago (I have a feeling I’ve left it in my classroom). I’ve also ordered a HTC Hero smart-phone (I resisted getting an iPhone), which I believe can upload straight onto Flickr too so I have no excuse when I’m out and about.

The above photograph is from Disney’s Fantillusion at Disneyland Paris, which I took in July 2007. I’m quite proud of it and I’m looking forward to taking more snaps of it when I return next year.

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