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I never seem to be happy with anything that I make and feel the need to constantly refine it – mainly the websites that I develop. One thing that I have been strangely happy and content with is the name of this blog. I have never considered re-naming it. I think Changing Horizons really sums up the way in which we can never be certain of how the world (in particular literacy) will evolve and how we should respond. This obviously poses huge questions and conflicts for those working in education about how the curriculum should evolve and respond in turn. One of things I enjoy when I attend conferences is the discussion and debate about such issues. I hope this blog acts as a catalyst for further discussion and debate.

Since I like the name so much I have decided to buy a new domain name to host the blog as an independent site.  All previous permalinks from the old site will be automatically redirected here (that took a while to sort out). To access this site you can visit:


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