Over the past few weeks I have had tremendous amounts of work to complete and little time for reflection. It isn’t until you manage to catch a quick breath that you realise how you miss appreciating the little things in life. I have just finished watching the ‘100 Greatest Scary Moments’ on E4 and I remembered my love for horror films. I have been so engrossed in researching and understanding children’s popular culture and literacy practices that I have been neglecting my own. I can’t remember the last time I sat down to watch a decent horror film at home. I only ever seem to have films playing in the background while I am at a computer working. So I have decided to dedicate some time in the holidays to watching three films on blu-ray I haven’t seen before.

I have been working hard on developing the new school website – an immense project in itself with Web 2.0 possibilities allowing the children to create and shape the site. While doing this I have forgotten about the MLI website and this blog. After thinking recently about where I want the Multiliteracies Learning Initiative (MLI) to go in the future I have decided to have a bit of a redesign and realignment of this blog. The blog is now more of an independent entity as it really represents my views and my life rather than that of the MLI members. So I’ve therefore spent the evening redesigning the layout, updating the core Joomla system and components and giving it a more general literacy and ‘life’ feel to it. I’ve also made the URLs and site contents a lot more accessible and easier to navigate.

I’ve chosen to stick with Joomla for blogging. Although its not a dedicated blogging platform I am blown away by its potential and I’m really enjoying learning how to use and develop the system for my school and the MLI. Plus I don’t want to have to learn another progamming language or set of rules when I have too much else on!

I’m trying to put work-related things to the back of my mind for the next few days. I am going to reclaim some time for me. I have movies to watch, family to see and friends, who I just don’t see enough of, to meet up with.