I’m still working on developing four websites using the Joomla content management system and things are starting to get complicated.

 The UKLA Learning Today website needs to be finished, packaged up and moved to a different server. The MLI website needs updating with more guidance and information about research and I must remember to keep blogging after the Easter holidays.

The most complex problem I am having is with the school website and the Web 2.0 practicalities of access for pupils (everything always sounds better when it is just an idea!). It turns out trying to create an extra user group for children to use with its own set of rules isn’t as easy as I originally thought. This is where Joomla really falls short of its rivals like Drupal (which I incidentally started to build the UKLA site with). The good thing about the Joomla community is that there are normally extensions (open source and commercial) that take account of its downfalls and extend its functionally. Que the purchase of JUGA and a rather complicated installation. Of course the installation hasn’t worked, naturally, and led to many hours of playing with settings and changing code – with little success. Que a log to JUGA technical support and a response saying they don’t know what is wrong either.

How about I draw a website with a pencil and paper and ask for annotations… still user-led but obviously not as interesting?

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