I’m really pleased with how this blog has turned out and I definitely think that moving it away from the main MLI site gives it a unique identity and more scope so that I don’t always have to talk about literacy theory. I also think it looks more like a blog now!

I have taken the opportunity over the past few days to relax and catch a breath. I wrote previously about watching a few films over the holidays so that I’m not neglecting my own literacy practices. So last night I signed up for a 3 month free trial for an online DVD rental service, which also includes Blu-Ray.

It’s typical that when a format like DVD starts to become standard, and you build up a huge library of titles, that a new format is released. Having got a 40" Full HD LCD Television I felt the need to invest in Blu-Ray last December. I now have over 20 blu-ray titles. The quality is generally amazing with newer titles like The Dark Knight. However with older films such as Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers the quality really isn’t that much better than DVD. So are we changing format for changing sake? Some say that DVD and Blu-Ray will co-exist. Maybe this format change is different and more of a format supplement (Blu-Rays are discs afterall). However one thing is for certain -Blu-Ray is here to stay.

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