Over the past few months I have been playing with the Joomla Content Management System (CMS) when developing websites. This site, for example, is built using Joomla as is the UKLA Learning Today website I am currently developing.

I have just finished the designs for our school website using Joomla and I am constantly thinking of new ways that we can use this system to integrate Web 2.0 practices into the curriculum. Virtual Learning Environments are good… but ultimately most are only visible to verified members and not the world. What we have here is a system where children can log-on within a special user group, create a page (which is not published until an administrator/teacher verifies it) and then it will automatically appear within the website and be automatically formatted using the site’s style sheet. The extensions and modules are endless… for example I have installed facitilities for video uploads and comments. And the best thing of all – Joomla is open source… user-led websites to the massess for free!