I first started video editing when I was fifteen. One of my first big projects was to rework the video introduction of the TV programme Survivor to include teachers for my school intranet. On reflection this practice links with Barbara Comber’s work on critical literacy (Comber, 2001). She talks about subverting texts and redesigning them for real-world use to have a particular effect – this appears to be what I did at the age of fifteen.

A quick search on YouTube shows that others have also chosen to do this. ‘Scary Mary’ and ‘Shining‘ are two such examples. These users (and I include myself) are influenced by texts of popular culture and subvert them to add their own mark. What I find interesting is this is an increasingly frequent technique used by advertisers especially the UK television channel E4. Above is a video of an advertisement for the film ‘Entrapment’ where they have chosen select clips and a sarcastic narration to present the actor in a completely different way. Advertisers try to influence our decisions, but are we starting to influence theirs?

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