Android and Me

After a year of using my HTC Hero, this post reflects on my use of Android and recommends apps that have become central to my life.

Up until last year I was not a huge user of mobile phones. I actually dislike speaking on the phone and send very few text messages. My main communications go through either social media or email. I used these sporadically on my ‘buggy’ Nokia N82 with varying success for 18 months. When it came to time to upgrade in July 2009 I explored other options instead of going for the next Nokia (Symbian OS) handset. The iPhone seemed very expensive and quite limited in terms of customisation (and I certainly like to make a phone fit with ‘me’) so looked at other options. After reading a few forums the term Android started to pop up. Still in it’s infancy (Android 1.5), it looked like it had promise, and included a limited selection of apps at the time such as third-party apps for Twitter and Facebook. I also liked the fact that the apps and social networks were not discrete and merged with each other as well as the OS being open source. I decided to take the plunge, ordered a HTC Hero, and never looked back. (more…)

On the move…

I’m currently trying to get up to date with Web 2.0, especially on the move. I now have push email enabled on my new HTC Hero smartphone phone as well as Facebook and Twitter notifications. So I am constantly connected to the world. In fact, I’ve written and published this from my smartphone. I find it fascinating what they can do nowadays.