My article about the use of Twitter in Orange Class (@ClassroomTweets) was recently published in English 4-11. I have changed some of the ways in which we use Twitter even within the short time between writing and publication of the article. I plan on writing another more up-to-date reflection on how we have been using Twitter soon but in the meantime hopefully this will provide you with the context in which our work is based. As this is the first article I have ever had published I would value any comments or feedback as to what you think about it.

Using Twitter in the Primary Classroom – M WALLER

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  • icttalk

    @MultiMartin Already downloaded and read! Fills in a lot of gaps for me as an avid reader of Orange class's tweets.

    • MultiMartin

      @icttalk Glad you enjoyed the article and thank you for all your tweets to Orange Class over the past year! I really appreciate it!

  • colport

    @MultiMartin An excellent article. I was planning on using Twitter with my Y2's this year, & your article has shown me how I can approach!

  • idletim

    RT @MultiMartin: new blog post – Using Twitter in the Primary Classroom (@ClassroomTweets) – #ukedchat

  • sophie_leach

    @MultiMartin really enjoyed your article…. The e-safety rules are excellent. Hope to see your twipics next term

    • MultiMartin

      @sophie_leach Thanks for the reply and I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I’m going to write a more up to date reflection soon too!

  • Lisa Gallin-Napier

    Fabulous article! I have been considering how I can use Twitter with my grade 2 class in an appropriate way and your article has crystalised my thoughts on it. I think I'm going to give it a go, assuming my principal has no objections, that is.

    Thanks for sharing it!

    • MultiMartin

      Thanks Lisa and I'm pleased that you're going to try to use Twitter in your Grade 2 class too! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. It would be great if our classes could exchange tweets too!

  • Juliet

    This is a really encouraging article because it makes the reader (me, a teacher) realise that this sort of activity is justifiable and worthwhile AND that I could do this too.

    • MultiMartin

      I'm really glad you enjoyed the article Juliet. I tried to make sure that the paper offered practical advice, while still being backed up by some research. When I started using Twitter with Orange Class I felt I had to justify the use of it since it was very unconventional. Thankfully the children's feedback and sheer enjoyment from using @ClassroomTweets is evidence enough!

  • @h4nchan

    This is fascinating and a brilliant use of the technology. I work on Tate's Kids website ( and would love to know if Orange Class ever come to Tate Britain, as we could do a wonderful collaboration with the @tate_kids twitter feed and on the Tate Kids blog. In the mean time I will continue to follow your tweets!

    • MultiMartin

      Thanks for the feedback and we have started to follow the @tate_kids. We're actually based in the North-East of England so a visit to the Tate Modern with a class full of 6/7 year olds would be difficult. However, maybe we could talk further about a possible link up/project? If you email me at martinwaller [at] we can talk further!

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  • Rachel

    I am currently researching twitter in the classroom…back in class after a secondment and excited to get started. Thanks for the great tips…wondering if you could add anymore 4 years down the line?

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