Social convergence…

According to the press and most of the people I’ve spoken to iPhones seem to be the only smartphone worth getting at the moment. After a bit of searching I can across the HTC Hero smartphone – I accepted that it was no iPhone but did cost me a fraction of the price. After a few days my opinion has changed. I actually think it appears to be better than the iPhone. One feature which

Hacking popular culture…

I’ve always loved the way that media can be edited, remixed and reinvented with the use of digital technologies. I started doing it myself at a young age (see previous blog post). I noticed how Angela has recently blogged about remixing as a means of transformative story-telling (here). She uses the term hacking popular culture, which I think is a brilliant way to describe the process.

Dipping my toes into the photostream..

After blogging about my silent use of Flickr a few weeks ago, and with a bit of encouragement from Emma and Julia, I have finally started to participate in the photo-sharing community. I don’t class myself as a good photographer but have been proud of a few of the shots I have managed to get looking half decent. I must try and dig out the good camera I bought a few years ago (I have

Creating Space for Critical Literacy

A few months ago I wrote about using texts of popular culture as a means of exploring issues of racial prejudice within a critical literacy framework. I then said I would reveal more about a project I was planning based around the issue. With a hectic workload and conferences to attend, I completely forgot… so now that the project is actually over I am able to give more detailed account.

Changing Horizons (.net)

Originally uploaded by snakebite I never seem to be happy with anything that I make and feel the need to constantly refine it – mainly the websites that I develop. One thing that I have been strangely happy and content with is the name of this blog. I have never considered re-naming it. I think Changing Horizons really sums up the way in which we can never be certain of how the world (in particular

Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot…

Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot… Now you have the Cootie Shot! Anybody outside of the US ever heard of that phrase? I hadn’t until recently but it’s actually a huge part of North American children’s popular culture. It’s a ‘vaccine’ for the condition of Cooties, a fictional disease perceived to infect others, particularly members of the opposite sex through body contact, proximity or touching a person’s possessions (definition from Wikipedia). It’s probably best compared to the

To HD or to not HD?

I’m debating whether or not to order Sky HD. I’ve blogged quite a bit on the HD front recently and how it’s starting to create a viewing revolution. Although I’ve got blu-ray and a lot of HD discs I feel I am missing out with HDTV. Maybe I should listen to Antony Hopkins advice in the above video? Actually I’m unsure if this is advice and question whether he’s got Sky HD (since he lives


A few months ago I recieved an email asking if I would be interested in visiting Futurelab to discuss the use of digital literacies in the primary classroom.  For those of you who haven’t heard of Futurelab (you should have!) it’s an independent non-for-profit organisation interested in transforming how people learn through innovative practices mostly with digital technologies. They’ve developed a range of projects including the recent Beyond Current Horizons and Enquiring Minds projects –