Consumers or Producers?

I first started video editing when I was fifteen. One of my first big projects was to rework the video introduction of the TV programme Survivor to include teachers for my school intranet. On reflection this practice links with Barbara Comber’s work on critical literacy (Comber, 2001). She talks about subverting texts and redesigning them for real-world use to have a particular effect – this appears to be what I did at the age of fifteen. A

Literacy Policy and Policy Literacy

I have always followed the controversy surrounding the teaching of reading in the UK with great interest, not least because I use a phonics-based approach with my class to develop their decoding skills. I have great issues with the narrow view of phonics taken by the DCSF guidance and scheme of work. So it was with great interest that I found this inaugural lecture by Kathy Hall at the Open University. Some of the statements

A High School Grumble

I have never subscribed to the notion of popular culture and new technologies bringing about a ‘toxic childhood.’ I have always believed (and still do believe) that schooled literacy should take account of new and varied literacy practices so that children can make meaning through the modes that society provides. However, yesterday I visited ‘Toys ‘R Us’ (a different story) and was greeted by a huge multimodal display that incorporated the brand of High School